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 We specialize in manufacturing and exporting very unique Custom Formula and Private Label Liquors, Beers, and Energy Drinks to our customers around the world!



3K BROTHERS is a company with many talents. We can offer products, that range from the superb distilled products to the high quality beers of our Brewery. Since the beginning of the 20th. century we have exported most of our products all over the world. The largest export-markets were Africa and South America and in particular Ghana, Nigeria and Argentina. After World War II most of these markets have changed and we had to find new export markets and started to export to most countries in Europe, USA, New Zealand, Asia and the former East-Block countries.


In the mid-80’s an exciting new market opened up and we started to supply Supermarkets by developing for them Private Label products at competitive prices and moved very successful into this market. In the mid-90’s the growth of the Private Label business led to expand our products into the major supermarket groups in Japan and the other countries in the Far-East. Now at the beginning of the 21st century has brought us to the creation of our exclusive products:



Sanquila - Wine base beverage with fruit and natural agave flavoring

Sanquila drink mix


A very unique alcoholic beverage. Wine-based with fruit and natural agave flavoring. SANQUILA an excellent addition to your beverages catalog. Exclusive Distribution is available*. Please visit www.sanquila.com for additional details.

(* Minimum purchase is required)


Una bebida alcoholica muy particular. Vino mezclado con sabores frutales y agave natural. SANQUILA es una excelente adicion a su catalogo de bebidas . Distribucion Exclusiva esta disponible*. Por favor, visite www.sanquila.com para detalles adicionales. (* Se requiere compra minima)




Amsterdam Insomnia Cannabis

Energy drink with Cannabis

We would like to present you our new "Amsterdam Insomnia" series. Amsterdam Insomnia offers a premium series of Amsterdam inspired energy drinks, which are fresh tasting and with the well-known energy component, combined with an extra flavor element. 


Our most eye-catching drink combines our fresh, nontraditional, tasting energy drink formula with a touch of the best known export product from Amsterdam: Cannabis.


The Amsterdam Insomnia Cannabis energy drink is guaranteed to attract attention in supermarkets, convenience stores, cash n carry, and liquor stores. Supported by Amsterdam canal-by-night themed marketing materials, this drink is an eye-catcher on the shelves, utilizing the ever increasing popularity of the energy category with the elements Amsterdam is famous and recognized for around the world such as the Canals, and much more.


This drink is cannabis flavored and THC free. It has no narcotic effects. It is free for sale in many countries such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Japan, Russia, Australia, Bermuda, Jamaica, South Africa, Ukraine, and many more countries.


In our pipeline we have an energy-vodka mix-drink ready for production and several flavors lined up to expand the series in the near future. Amsterdam Insomnia Cannabis Energy drink is available in 250ml slim cans, 24 per case. 










CHOCOLAIS - Wine base beverage with dark chocolate flavoring

Rich dark chocolate flavor that will have customers craving to buy again and again.

There's only one way to improve on the sensual experience of rich dark chocolate with a glass of fine red wine - put them in the same bottle. That's exactly what Chocolais does. And it gives you a niche to profit from, especially with women and the men who buy for them.

The countries of origin for the ingredients of Chocolais is the unequalled dream team: rich Swiss chocolate; thick Dutch cream; fine Italian wine. And since it has the same proof as wine, it can be carried in every venue licensed to sell alcoholic beverages.

With the impact of graphics that are almost as luxurious, Chocolais begins to sell itself at no additional cost as soon as it reaches your floor. Chocolais was recently voted the number one product of its type by drinks writers in the USA.

A rich experience for you and your customers.Chocolais - Red Wine with Dark Chocolate



Masquerido Beer

MASQUERIDO - Tequila flavored beer

More then 130 years experience of brewing tradition brings you the taste of Mexico!

MASQUERIDO tequila beer is a truly authentic golden beer with a kick of natural tequila flavor that delivers maximum taste and chilled refreshment.


MASQUERIDO tequila beer is inspired by the tastes and lifestyle of the vibrant cities of Mexico. Ice cold beers on the sunny beaches of Acapulco... sipping 100% agave tequila in Guadalajara... MASQUERIDO captures these experiences in a classic beer with aromas of tequila.

                                Masquerido. Get the real taste of Mexico! MASQUERIDO 3 PACK - Tequila flavored beer




IMPORTANT: Distribution rights are no longer available for: UK, France, Germany, Malaysia, and Seychelle.





8 Ball pre-mixed fruit flavored vodkas

8 BALL is an unique vodka based fruit flavored pre-mixed drink. Flavors include Apple, Orange, and lemon


8 Ball its the perfect combination of natural fruit flavors and premium vodka. You have the pick of apple, orange, and lemon flavors.


If you wish to create your own brand/flavor then let us know. We can mix one or more flavors.


Drink and enjoy the refreshing taste!


IMPORTANT: Distribution rights are no longer available for: USA, UK, FRANCE, GERMANY AND ASIA


Fruit flavored pre-mixed vodkas


For more information on our products or private labeling services please contact us:

3K Brothers

US Office: San Diego, California

Europe Office: Utrecht Area, Netherlands

U.S.A. Telephone: +1-619-664-8659 (Se habla Espanol)

Email: info@3kbrothers.com  or  info@sanquila.com



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